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Customised Sashes and
Custom Printed Ribbon

It could be a single sash,
individual sashes for each of the party guests,
or just a short length of printed ribbon for gift wrap

  • Your Personalised Sashes can be printed on the Front, the Back or on both Front & Back
  • Just choose your Ribbon Colour
  • You also choose the colour of the text and the text for printing on the ribbon or personalised sash
  • You could get delivery within 24 hours

Customised Sashes


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ised Sashes now

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We aim to make our prices amongst the most competitive on the web. We only use the best quality ribbon, which for sashes is 100mm or 4 inches wide .
We do not use the cheap flimsy ribbon that can often be seen on some sites. We buy large quantities of ribbon and the foil used for printing, which enables us to purchase at  advantageous rates - the benefits of which are passed on to our customers.  We can therefore offer good prices without sacrificing quality.

Our standard length of sash is 1.8m or 6 feet. But because our sashes could be used in a variety of conditions e.g. over a swimsuit at beauty pageants, dresses at hen nights, outdoor clothing if it were for say a fundraising event in winter, and the build of the wearer could vary from a junior at a prom night  to an adult at a birthday party, we are always happy to adjust the lengths of the sash to suit. And there is no additional charge to produce the customised sash of your choice!

How It Works:
Simple & Easy Ordering of your Personalised Sash


Choose the Ribbon Colour


Choose the Text Required


Choose the Text Colour


Choose the Text Position

Customised Sashes

With our printing process it isn't a problem if you want sashes with different text on each.

For example if you had a sash with text printed on the front and the back of the sash, you could have a message on the front with something like Anna's Hen Party in larger lettering and then put the venue and date below , such as Chester, May 2018.  On the back you could then have the names of the individual girls in the group. For the Hen you could select different wording, such as It's My Hen Party, with The Bride to Be on the back.

You can choose your own personalised wording, but please note that the ribbon is only 100mm (4 inches wide) and that even though the sash is 1.8M long (approx 6 feet), that the actual visible area when it is being worn is only about 50cm  (20inches). We can place the text on 2 lines if needed. In this case we would normally make the top line the main message (e.g. this would be for the name of the event such as Lisa's Hen Night, and then below we would use smaller text for something like Bristol 2018.

We have a selection of basic fonts, from serif type to non-serif and script type, but usually it gives a better result by having a simple font. Also text that uses upper and lower case letters rather than all upper case letters is usually easier to read. All upper case letters can be particularly hard to read.

If you have a query with regard to your order for a personalised sash, or if you have a query from the web page, then please phne us on 0845 519 1231 or email us at We are also happy to take calls in the early evening or up lunch time at weekends.

Customised Sashes


Our Sashes

There are numerous occasions when a personalised sash is the perfect solution.

The occasions are numerous and varied, wityh some of the more popular ones being:-

• The bride-to-be wearing one on a hen night
• The mother-to-be wearing one on her baby shower
• For promotions in political campaigns
• For a birthday boy or girl at their party
• For winners of a competition
• To promote an event or item at an exhibition
• For the prom queen
• At beauty pageants
• To draw attention to a specific person aor a specific message.

Even if you have really left it until the day before the event, then we can probably still help.  We have plenty of ribbon and foil in stock and can usually adjust our print schedule to accommodate any last minute orders. Just contact us for further details.

Our text colours include not only black and various colours such as blue, red, purple but alsometallic silver and gold.

For the lighter colours of ribbon we would recommend the black or coloured foil.  For the darker colours, the black and the basic colours do not have sufficient contrast with the ribbon. For the darker ribbon therefore, we recommend the metallic foils. The contrast bewteen the ribbon and the text colour gives a very luxurious appearance to the resulting sash.

So what are you waiting for !!

Customised Sashes

If you order today, before the cutoff time,
then you could be taking delivery of your personalised sashes tomorrow.

Personalised birthday sashes and hen night sashes