Sashes for Hen Nights

What's a hen night without a sash !
If you have a special colour theme for the night then get your sashes to match.
We can print in various colours, but on the darker colours, we would really recommend the metallic silver or the metallic gold lettering as this gives a real quality appearance to the finished sash
We print our hen night sashes from 4 inch wide ribbon and can make them to any length that you require. Our standard length for a sash is 6 feet or 1.8M, but if you want them slightly shorter or slightly longer then please tell us when you order and we can adjust the length accordingly.

The printed ribbon is supplied with self adhesive fasteners so you can always make any final adjustment yourself once you have tried it on, but ideally any major majo0r change in lengthy is better if we are told in advance as if you cut the sash yourself then there is a risk, particularly if the print is front and back some of the text will not be centralised and in the optimum position on the sash for viewing.

White ribbon gives the most options for different font colours e.g. red, blue, green, brown, burgundy and black as well as the metallic print options of gold and silver. Text colours other than black can be difficult on colour ribbon. For really deep colours like the blue, red, black and purple, then the best results are obtained by using the metallic foils - silver and gold - which, being shiny give a great appearance on the final sash.

The sashes we produce are not just limited to hen night sashes. We can print anything on them, so they can be used for birthdays, exhibitions, campaigns, Prom Nights, Contests. In fact anywhere where you would want to have printed ribbon.
We also print narrower ribbon widths, and these can be used on wedding cars, as gift wrapping or as floral bouquets and tributes. The wider widths also find popularity as personalised banners, which can be printed to any length that you require , with any message that you want.
Why You should buy your sashes from us

All our sashes are printed in house by us, so we have total quality control over the process

We only use high quality ribbon for our hen night sashes

We have years' of experience of supplying hen night sashes and are easily contactable if you wish to discuss your order

We are available for help and advice 7 days a week and on most evenings.
Hen Night Sashes and Sashes for Other Occasions
The Many Uses of a Sash
A sash is probably only second to the crown, for making you feel like royalty. It is not only a piece of cloth wrapped around your body but instead, it symbolizes who the boss is. There are multiple occasions which are well-suited for the requirement of a sash. Most people, when thinking about a sash, get images of Miss World or perhaps the Queen wearing one. But it is, in fact, used for multiple reasons. Some prevailing uses include:
The bride-to-be wearing one on her bridal shower
The mother-to-be wearing one on her baby shower
During any school events where you may be in charge
During political campaigns
For the birthday boy/girl
For competition winners
To promote an event or item
For the prom queen
Any beauty contests
Halloween Costumes
Marketing campaigns
Anywhere where you want to draw attention to a specific message or person.
hen night sashes

No matter what the event is, the attraction and royalty of a sash are unmatched. Getting a personalised sash according to the requirements of the event is not at all as difficult and time-consuming as it sounds.

In fact, such items are usually left to be dealt with at the last moment and, therefore, we keep all our materials ready for action. So much so, our team can also custom print at the venue to gain complete control over the production. But even if you think it is too late to order, do not hesitate to give us a call because we pride ourselves in quick delivery within 24 hours.

Our customisations include almost every requirement of any event. We can print in simple colors, or metallic foils, which gives a stunning and eye-catching look especially on darker shades of material, Sashes are usually worn from the right side of the shoulder. However if you require otherwise, let us know before hand and we can print accordingly. You can also customize the size of your sash to make it suitable for all ages. If you cannot make up your mind, send us an e-mail and we'll be sure to get back to you immediately relating to the details and a quotation.

Whether you want to add a little zing and fun to your hen night or want to get the attention of everyone at the pageant, a sash can be the perfect accessory to complete your look and provide you with a sense of achievement. So do not miss out on the chance to grab everyoneu2019s attention and be sure to go get yourself a suitable sash that matches your style and is catered to your every requirement.
Additional Information on our

Hen Night Sashes

  • Wearing your Sash
hen night sashes
Our sashes are usually printedr so that they read correctly when placed over the wearer's right shoulder.
Please inform us if you intend to wear it over the other shoulder.
  • Fastening your Sash
hen night sashes
We provide you with strips of hook and loop fittings, which are self adhesive, so you can make any final adjustment to the length and ensure a perfect fit of the sash
  • Designing your Sash
hen party sashes
You can have the print on your sash so that it is on the front of the sash, on the back or on the front and back
Custom printed ribbon for Hen Nights, Birthdays, Exhibitions and Celebrations
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