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Once the preserve of beauty queens, sashes, and in particular personalised hen party sashes have become one of the 'must have' items for a hen night. We have been producing personalised hen night sashes for many years. Whether it is a Bride to be sash, bridesmaid sash or just a guest sash. The colours of the sash can be co-ordinated to match the theme of say, a wedding. White hen party sashes look good with either black text or, with metallic gold writing - true classy party sashes.

Black and gold hen night sashes, where the gold is a metallic foil, are some of our most popular products. Our site is the place where to buy hens night sashes.

Hen party accessories are an essential part of any hen party and cheap personalised sashes or bride to be sash uk made, are certainly going to add the right effect  to your party. They are certainly non tacky or cheap hen party accessories.

If you are looking for hen night presents for the bride-to-be then some of our other sites that we have can help you. Lingerie for the wedding night, fancy dress, jewellery or personalise partywear.  We also have a selection of personalised gifts and party favours for the bridesmaids, maid of honour  and best man.



We have cheap 'Bride Tribe'  sashes on limited offer. We also have matching hen nnight sashes for the bridesmaid  and bride to be . These are black ribbon with white text. The text is fixed, so cannot be personalised. On the other hand these hen sashes are priced very attractively for immediate purchase

We know that personalised sashes are not everyone's ideal hen party accessory. If the party is more reserved or at a venue where it is not appropriate to wear this type of accessory then we also have less obvious party items. These can also be personalised. We have badges - small, medium and large diameter. As well as personalised rosettes in 1,2 or 3 tiers of pleated ribbon.  Just browse our site for more information or email us for more information

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