Funeral or Memorial Ribbons

A funeral ribbon is one of the best ways to show respect at a funeral or memorial service.
Our ribbons are based on a 25mm printed ribbon which we supply together with a 20mm gold coloured safety pin. This enables the ribbon to be securely attached to the clothing. In addition, there is no minimum order and there is a wide range of coloured ribbon choice. The wording can be on 2 lines. Also, there is no charge per letter and the wording is entirely up to you. So you can add a name and dates as you wish.

If you would like to embellish your funeral ribbon then we have various options. The simplest option is to have a printed image on the ribbon – typically praying hands, a dove or a cross.

If you wish to have a more prominent attachment, then we have fabric rosebuds in a range of colours. We also have fabric hearts and metallic silver or gold coloured crosses that come with their own butterfly clip attachment. This means that the cross can later be detached, if required, and worn separately as a small cross.  We also sell the crosses separately without a ribbon.

If you require a photograph or a coloured image of a dove or praying hands, then we can add these on a 25mm badge. You can also have a graphic on the badge that might represent or symbolise a national flag or favourite colours