Special Offers

From time to time we will put special offers here.

Currently we have a special offer on 3 tiered pink rosettes. These are currently available at a much reduced price, subject to availablility.  These rosettes are not substandard – they are the usual top quality that is associated with our standard rosette range.  We just happen to have a few extra left from a recent order.

The colour and style of the rosettes cannot be changed , but the centre can be chosen for a birthday or hen night.
The cheaper option is then to choose one of our standard designs which is not personalised.
For a few extra pence you can opt for the customised centre and have your own wording.


We also have a special offer on a range of black sashes with white writing. White writing is something that we don’t normally offer. On this occasion the sashes were printed in bulk using a different technique. The result is a sash at a great price, but unfortunately we cannot change the text on individual sashes.