Hen Night Rosettes


Hen Night Rosettes with your choice of centre design and text.

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These Hen Night rosettes are available with 1,2 or 3 tiers of ribbon.
The centre of these hen night rosettes is a badge, which will have your choice of design and text.

Choose the design for the centre from the list of options shown in the dropdown.
Then let us know the text that you require for the centre of the rosette.

Choose your ribbon colours and tail colours.
For a Single One tier rosette – Layer 1 is the only layer
In a two tier rosette, layer 1 is the inner and layer 2 is the outer layer
In a 3 tier rosette, layer 1 is the inner layer, layer 2 is the middle layer and layer 3 is the outer layer.

Choose your tail colours.
One and two-tiered rosettes have 2 tails and 3 tiered rosettes have 3