Lapel Ribbons


Lapel Ribbons
There’s not a lot we can add to the description here. Lapel Ribbons are used mainly at conferences and exhibitions where they identify the various key people such as organisers, speakers, members of the press but without being too ostentatious.

Colours and text are up to you, although of course we are happy to provide additional advice if required.

The length of ribbon can be adjusted if you wish. there is no minimum order for our lapel ribbons, and there is no set up charge, so that you can have individual names on the ribbons if you wish, to give the name of guest speakers, judges etc.

Supplied with a gold-coloured safety pin.



Lapel Ribbons

The personalised Lapel Ribbons above are just a part of our personalised ribbon product group. We can print the ribbon in 4 different widths: 15mm, 25mm, 45mm and 100mm.  Depending on the width chosen there is a range of different colours available for your personalised message. We also have the option to print in a variety of colours. These include traditional colours as well as metallic, such as silver, gold and red.  In all cases the choice of text is up to you. We do not charge per letter or per word.

Each of the colours has typical popular uses. The narrower ribbons are great for floristry applications or for wrapping presents. It is so much more personal to add a message on the packaging ribbon when you send that special present. The narrower widths are also used for lapel and campaign ribbons. The 45mm ribbon is a great idea for a wedding car. Adding the names of the Bride and Groom just makes the day so much more special.  The use of the 100mm is well known as a basis for our sashes and because of the popularity of this application we have a special selection for this application. The 100mm ribbon can also be used as a banner.

The many ideas for the various events for which our sashes are used are shown here.