Personalised Rosettes for Funerals


Personalised Funeral Rosettes.

  • Choose your rosette style option below.
  • Select the ribbon colours for each of your chosen layers
  • Select the design for the centre
  • Then use the boxes below to fill in the text you require
  • Finally choose the quantity and Add to Cart

Once you choose your required rosette style (1,2 or 3 tiers of ribbon) from the drop down below, the image below will change to show your design choice. It will then change further as you make your ribbon colour choices.
The chosen centre image is a generic image and therefore does not change as you select the text required.

Now start your order at the dropdown below

If your chosen design requires a file to be uploaded, then you can do so here

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Funeral Rosette

funeral rosetteOur Funeral Rosette is just one of the products from our Personalised rosette range. Just use the form above to select the colours of the ribbon that you require. There is a good selection of plain ribbon colours that are shown above. If you require a texture ribbon such as a tartan, stripe or rainbow colour then please contact us. These ribbons are slightly more expensive (just a few pence), so we would recommend that these are used on the inner layers as this uses the least ribbon and so will be the cheapest option for you.

Choose whether you want one, two or three tiers. Then choose the colours for the tails. You will then see the image appear on the left that shows how the rosette will look. You can then choose the centre that you require from the options shown in the image gallery. Please note however that the centre is a generic image. It will not change as you add the wording that you require. And of course you can send us a photograph to include on the rosette centre.

You also have the option to add the names of the people who are attending the event to each of the rosette centres. Just add the names of the guests in the space provided. Separate the individual names with either a comma, semicolon or pipe (|).