Personalised Printed Ribbon

Personalised Printed Ribbon

There are so many uses to which personalised printed ribbon can be put, that it is impossible to list them all.

However by  listing some of the typical applications that we supply the ribbon for, then hopefully this will give you some idea of the great potential there is for using printed ribbon.

The first thing to point out is that the ribbon that we print can be supplied  in widths from 15mm to 100mm. We print the ribbon directly from the roll, so we can print any length of ribbon (within reason).   The ribbon comes in a range of colours, which we print directly from the printer.  For the lighter colours then we can offer text in a variety of colours. Black, Metallic silver and metallic gold are the most popular. For white ribbon then in addition to the ones already mentioned, we can also print in green, blue, red, brown and burgundy.  With the darker ribbon colours, it is not possible to print in colours.  For the darker ribbon colours e.g. purple and black, then we would recommend that you select from the metallic foil colours. Metallic silver and metallic gold. These produce a really luxurious effect on the darker ribbon.

The choice of font is up to you. Similarly whether you want the message to be a continuous print. Or whether you want it repeated at specific intervals.

Where can I use it

The narrower widths of Personalised Printed Ribbon find many applications:   For special occasions it is nice to be able to give presents that have a special message on the ribbon. Or for floral tributes at weddings, funerals and for birthdays, then we can print a special message and send it to your florist to be added to your bouquet or wreath.

How many times have you stood at the carousel at the airport and not been able to spot your suitcase. Nowadays there are so many similar-looking cases that they are difficult to spot. We can print you a small strip of coloured ribbon and put your name on it. In fact we can put whatever message you want. So if it's a special group outing it will make the bags easier to spot and group together.

For the wider ribbon, then the main use is for sashes. The sash is still one of the most requested uses for this width.