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personalised sashes

Organising an event ?

Organising a party ?

Need a rosette or a personalised sash to help you celebrate ?

Then we have the perfect solution.



Personalised Sashes
If it’s a sash that you need then we can supply you with sashes of your colour of choice with  your customised printed message. These are not cheap custom sashes – they are inexpensive quality personalised sashes customised to your individual requirements. So when you ask the question, “Where can I buy sash, that I can personalise ?” – the answer is here
personalised sashes Personalised Rosettes or Badges
We can also supply cost effective personalised rosettes for a hen party or birthday, with your choice of ribbon colours and your own personalised text in the centre. We produce the rosettes to order, so you can choose whatever colour combination of ribbon you want. So you can have 1,2, or 3 layers of ribbon with ribbon colours to match your event.

The centre of the rosettes is based on a 57mm diameter badge, so if you want just the badge in the centre then we can also supply personalised badges.   We also have badges in smaller diameters (45mm) as well as larger (75mm), plus heart and rectangular shaped ones.

These are perfect for hen nights, stag nights, and birthdays.

personalised rosettes Personalised Printed Ribbon
We print ribbon in widths from 15mm to 100mm. Typical applications include gift wrapping, decorating wedding cards as well as the popular use for sashes. Our printed ribbon products are also widely used at funerals and memorial services where a small piece of folded ribbon pinned to the clothing of the attendees gives a very discreet display of respect. personalised funeral ribbon Personalised Lanyards and Wristbands
We also have our personalised ribbon lanyards and ribbon wristbands, where there is no minimum ordering level. If you want the more traditional silicone wristbands or woven lanyards then we can also personalise these, but there is a minimum order of 25 and 50 respectively. If you want standard party wristbands and lanyards with no minimum order quantity then see our economy range below. Our Economy Range
Most of the ribbon and badge products that we supply are customised to your own specific requirements, but if you want a more economical solution to your party requirements then we also have a range of readymade off the shelf items that are a little cheaper because they are not personalised.  This includes standard ‘Bride to Be’ and personalised sashes, ‘We’re on a Hen Night’ silicone wristbands and lanyards and Rosettes. Shop here for a bargain
We don’t offer free postage. There’s no such thing – someone has to pay for it !
What we do offer, though is a low priced unit cost and then you just pay one lot of postage for all the items.
So when comparing us against ‘free shipping’ sites check out our overall prices, particularly if you are buying several rosettes or sashes.  Our basic prices also reduce when the quantity increases.

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