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Custom Partywear

Custom partywear
Custom partywear
Custom partywear

Whatever you are celebrating then we have the custom partywear to help you add that extra level of personalisation to make an event to remember.  Nevertheless they are easy to order and can be customised to your requirements.

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Custom Partywear

Our BADGES are available ion a range of shapes and sizes.

  • Circular:  25mm,  45mm,  57mm  75mm  diameter
  • Heart Shaped:  50mm at its widest
  • Rectangular:  60 x 40mm

They are supplied with a safety pin fastener - although we do have pinless fasteners which we use on badges for children under 36 months or upon request for any badge.

The design we show are suggestions. So you can then use one of these designs, change the colours, and of course choose your own wording.  If you are having a party with invited guests then we can add the names of the individuals to their badge to further personalised your patry badges.  You can also have a photograph on the badge. All you need to do is either email it as an attachment or upload it via the order form.

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Custom Partywear

Our ROSETTES are produced from high quality tight box-pleated ribbon. All of our rosettes are produced in-house to order. This means you can choose your own combination of ribbon colour(s) for the Layers and for the tails. Our designs include one, two or three tiers of ribbon.

The centre of the rosette is a based on our badge designs, which can be personalised with your choice of design, colours, photo, and text. For more information on our badges, see the link above.

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Custom Partywear

Our SASHES are custom printed on top quality polyester ribbon - approximately 100mm wide. The sashes have an overall length of 1800mm, although we can produce longer or shorter lengths on request. 

The 2 most popular styles of print are to have the sashes printed with the chosen text on the front of the sash or on both the front and back.  We always have a large selection of ribbon colours in stock. The choice of text colours include black (which looks great on the lighter ribbon colours) or metallic silver and gold which give a very attractive result on the darker ribbon colours.   If you choose white ribbon then we also have the option of using other text colours such as red, blue, green, pink, purple and burgundy. If you are selecting white ribbon then we can also add a a monochrome photo to the sash.

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The most popular use for our 100mm PRINTED RIBBON is for sashes , which are described above. We also have 3 other widths which we regularly print - 15mm ,  25mm and 45mm wide. The ribbon can be printed with a repeating message or a single message over whatever length you want. This makes them ideal for gift wrapping or floral wrapping or, to decorate something like a wedding car.  If it's a shorter length that you require, for example for lapel ribbons or campaign ribbons then we can produce these and supply them with a small safety pin.

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Our traditional LANYARDS are available in a range of colours, with a choice of text colour. For this style of lanyard, which is supplied with a breakaway connector and a lobster claw clip there is a minimum ordering quantity of 50. All the text needs to be the same.Delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks

If you require a smaller quantity or you want different print on each of the lanyards then we have a polyester ribbon alternative. Supplied with a breakaway connector and lobster claw, there is no minimum ordering quantity for this style of lanyard. Orders are usually  ready for posting in 48 hours.

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Our traditional silicone WRISTBANDS are available in a range of colours, text colours, fonts and printing style (embossed, debossed, screen printed, embossed and filled etc).. We have a minimum ordering quantity for this style of 25 and all wristbands need to be the same. Delivery is 2-3 weeks

If you require a smaller quantity or if you need different text on each of the wristbands then we have a polyester ribbon wristband alternative, which has no minimum ordering quantity. Orders are usually  ready for posting in 48 hours.

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Our range of Custom Partywear

Personalised Sashes

If it's a sash that you need, then we can supply you with sashes of your colour of choice with your customised printed message. However, these are not cheap custom sashes. They are inexpensive, top quality personalised sashes customised to your individual requirements.
So when you ask the question, "Where can I buy sash, that I can personalise ?". The answer is here.

Personalised Rosettes or Badges

In addition, we can also supply cost effective personalised rosettes for a hen party or birthday. Together with your choice of ribbon colours and your own personalised text in the centre. Moreover we produce the rosettes to order. So you can choose whatever colour combination of ribbon you want. So you can have 1,2, or 3 layers of ribbon with ribbon colours to match your event.

The centre of the rosettes is based on a 57mm diameter badge. So if you want just the badge in the centre then we can also supply personalised badges. In addition, we also have badges in smaller diameters (45mm) as well as larger (75mm), plus heart and rectangular shaped ones.
These are perfect for hen nights, stag nights, and birthdays.

Personalised Printed Ribbon

We print ribbon in widths from 15mm to 100mm. Typical applications include gift wrapping, decorating wedding cards as well as the popular use for sashes. Moreover, our printed ribbon products are also widely used as a funeral ribbon at funerals or memorial services. We supply a small piece of folded ribbon which can pinned to the clothing of the attendees giving a very discreet display of respect.

Personalised Lanyards and Wristbands

We also have our personalised ribbon lanyards and ribbon wristbands. Here there is no minimum ordering level. However, if you want the more traditional silicone wristbands or printed polyester lanyards then we can also personalise these. However, there is a minimum order of 25 and 50 respectively. If you want standard party wristbands and lanyards with no minimum order quantity then see our economy range below.

Printed Party Sashes
Customised Badges
persnalised rosettes
funeral ribbons

Alternative to our custom partywear

As a cheaper alternative to customising your partywear, we also have a range of products with generic messages that are available ex-stock.

Our Economy Range

Most of the ribbon and badge products that we supply are customised to your own specific requirements. But if you want a more economical solution to your party requirements then we also have a range of readymade off the shelf items that are a little cheaper because they are not personalised. For example, this includes standard 'Bride to Be' and personalised sashes, 'We're on a Hen Night' silicone wristbands and lanyards and Rosettes. Shop here for a bargain.

Postage of your orders

We aim to have orders ready for despatch withing 24 hours of payment being received.  For exmaple, UK orders are usually sent with First Class post. For urgent UK deliveries we recommend choosing the Next Day Delivery option at checkout.   And, oversesas orders are normally sent via airmail with courier options available for urgent orders. However if yuo need advice before ordering then please call us.

Why choose us for your custom partywear?

  • Fully Personalised

  • Great customer service

  • 20 Years experience

  • Quick Delivery

Custom partywear
Custom partywear
Custom partywear
Custom partywear

Great Range of Custom Partywear Products

Our web site shows a range of customised sashes, customised badges and rosettes. The beauty of these personalised sashes and rosettes is the wide range of events where they are used. From hen party sashes , birthday sashes, baby showers, and personalised rosettes to printed ribbon, funeral ribbon, badges and  rosettes (including  photo rosettes) for all kinds of parties and celebrations.

So here you can buy customised rosettes and Cheap hen Party sashes.

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