Floral & Gift Wrap
Campaign and Support Ribbon

Our personalised ribbon is available in 4 different widths - 15mm, 25mm, 45mm and 100mm.

We can print the ribbon in continuous lengths if you want it as a floral wrap or as a gift wrap, Adding your personal greeting to the wrapping of a present will show the extra thought that has gone into its purchase.

With a continous print or print evenly spaced along its length, personalised can also be a great decoation for a wedding car.

For speaker ribbon and, identification tags which would normally be worn on the lapel we have a selection of ribbon colours. We can also print and fold your campaign and  support ribbons, which are supplied complete with small safety pin.

We cover the main use of 100mm ribbon in our sash section, but you can also have longer lengths with continous print and use these as banners.

Printed Ribbon - 100mm wide
Funeral or Memorial Ribbons
Lapel Ribbons
Funeral or Memorial Ribbons
Printed Ribbon - 25mm wide
personalised badges

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Our full product range includes badges, rosettes and sashes as well as printed ribbon. The printed ribbon is available in several different widths which can be used for many applications including campaign ribbons, giftwrap, banners and general printed ribbon.

We have been supplying our products since 2000, with an enviable list of regular and returning customers

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